After many years of living with problematic skin I found a product that actually lived up to its promises and even more.
After many years of living with problematic skin I found a product that actually lived up to its promises and even more. I get acne easily due to several different reasons but ever since I started using the face oil my pores stopped clogging. It feels like all the embedded dirt “clears out” right away… The skin gets very soft and sleek. This oil is the key to my skincare and it really nourishes deeply. An amazing product which I recommend to everyone!


…and after that I’m hooked. To finally have a face cream that doesn’t sting when I rub it into my face, a shower gel that doesn’t make my skin dryer than it already is, and an outstanding body lotion, this is gold worth for a person like me who’s always been struggling with dry skin and eczema.


The other night I could feel it starting again! One of my eyelids was swollen and itching and I had typical eczema dry and scaly skin! But then I remembered how Ellie’s eczema disappeared after 1-2 successions with the Creamy Lotion from C Skincare! I thought it could be worth a try!

I’m only writing this because it really works!! I have no personal gain in this other than the satisfaction of helping others with their own eczemas!

The morning after the eczema was gone and completely indistinguishable!


My girl friends asked if I had done anything specific with my face as my skin looked so sleek and wellbeing! The only thing I’ve done is using the C Skincare Boosting Face Oil!


Tonight I used the Creamy Lotion with the new scent for the first time. I can’t put into words how much I LOVE it! ???? So refreshing!


Just tried the new body lotion that has an amazingly wonderful scent, it woked well after using the sugar scrub and the all over wash. It has a light but wonderful smell, so no need for perfume today. Obviously am I also wearing the face oil! Even though I am at home sick, I feel like a whole new person! Thank you Christel for producing such wonderful products


The face wash lathered wonderfully and cleansed without causing my eyes to sting. The night routine becomes luxurious and the scent reminds me of purity and spa… Keeping in mind the thousands of crowns (Swedish currency) I’ve spent on expensive brands without any noticeable results, I am very thankful to have found C Skincare which is affordable, organic and salutary for both body and soul!


Can strongly recommend the products from C Skincare because they take care of my eczema which are hard to get rid of. I am very satisfied!


Love all the products… The Oil is to die for